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LABORÖFEN - from 40 to 700 Lt Volume

from 40 to 700 Lt Volume

from 40 to 700 Lt Volume
Professional forced ventilation and natural air convection oven ideal for all thermostatic applications where a specific precision is needed.
Outer body in steel coated in epoxy anti-acid paint.
Inner sructure in stainless steel AISI 304 with rounded corners.
Double insulation door with silicone seal to prevent heat loss.
Thermal insulation with mineral fibre.Digital display P.I.D. Thermostat / programmer, Autotuning function to ensure good stability.
Temperature range from +5°C to +280°C. Display precison ±1°C.
For further protection the oven is equipped with visual allarm security thermostat (range from +50°C to +280°C) and manual resetting.
Steel shelves adjustable in height.
Panel commands isolated.
Ventilation opening with manual flow control.
Heating elements are not in contact with internal chamber but are in an ante-chamber to guarantee uniform heating.
Illuminated two phase main swithc.
Power supply 230V-50Hz
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