Flexible drum heating bands contain wire heating elements and the bands are isolated on both sides by a material made of fibreglass. The bands can easily be applied to cylindrical objects by wrapping them around the cylinder. The bands are held in place by a handle with a spring which comes with them. The heater typically comes with an adjustable bimetallic thermostat 0/130°C. The flexibility of the heating element and the silicon insulation allows it to fit perfectly around the drum. When the heating band is positioned under the level of the liquid in the container, uniform heating can be achieved. Two or more heating bands can be used together on the same drum , to accelerate the process and to obtain a more uniform temperature. The heating bands can be used for indirect heating of chemical products, paints, paraffin, oils, chocolate , honey and various food products.
Some typical examples are:
  • Melting or pre-heating raw materials for manufacturing.
  • Checking the viscosity or the temperature of liquids.
  • Protection against freezing.
  • Increasing the flow of liquids.
  • Reducing residue and helping solution in liquids.
  • Maintaining liquids at a constant temperature, during the purification of water.
  • Maintaining resins at a constant temperature during manufacturing.
  • Maintaining the viscosity of adhesives during manufacturing.
Silicon bands for heating of metallic drums 200 lt, 100 lt, 50 lt, 25 lt, 10 lt