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FAQ / E-commerce

How can I purchase a product? I would purchase a product but there isn’t the price, how can I do? Purchases made with credit card on Tecam website are safe? I don’t have a PayPal account, can I purchase anyway?
Which is the cost for shipment of the goods?
Do you make shipment to Switzerland? Which kind of customers do you have? How can I contact you? I ordered a wrong item, how can I amend my order? At the end of the order will I receive an email resuming what I purchased?

FAQ técnicas

Which is the difference between drums heater bands and drums heater jackets, how can I make a choice? My product is very dense and has high specific heat, what do you suggest to buy?
My product is very dense and has high specific heat, what do you suggest to buy? Can I order a bespoke heating jacket suitable for our mixer? If I buy a drum heater band for 200 Lt drum, can I use it on a 100 Lt. drum? I would use drum heater band on a drum placed horizontal on a support seat, ther are contraindications? I’m interested to buy and heating cabinet, which information I have to give? If I buy a drum heating cabinet with steam or hot water supply, should I already have a steam generator/boiler? I bought some self-regulating heating cable and relevant kit for connection, before placing the cap, should I have to short-circuit conductors? I bought a self-regulating heating cable 20m long, can I cut it in two pieces of 10m each? I have to use an heating cable in a laboratory on a quartz pipe Ø 10mm at temperature 200°C, can I have a list and datasheet which allow me to choose the most suitable item? I need to trace electrically a plant for to mantain at temperature a product, can you size it for me? After installation heating cable need to be insulated? Into self-regulating heating cable I read “max exposure temperature 85°C”. What does it mean? I have a masonry room 5m x 5m x h 4m and I would heat up to 40°C, can you size and quota n. 2 electric fan heaters? I want to buy an immersion heater, can I fit it directly inside a vessel to heat the product? I need some flexible heaters customized with our drawing, is it possible?