Frequently asked questions

Welcome to the FAQ section of our website. We are here to provide you with information and answer frequently asked questions about our products and services. In this section you will find answers to the most common questions about the use of our products, orders, shipping and payments. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our customer service.
How can I contact you?
For any information you can call us at +39 039/688.43.12 from Monday to Friday 08.30 - 12.30 / 13.30 - 17.30 or send us an email at
How can I order a product?
To order a product simply select the product, click on the cart and follow the instructions to confirm the order, or send an e-mail to
Which kind of customers do you have?
We have different kinds of customers: big companies, small companies, artisans, installers, research centres and, why not, private buyers which need to protect piping from freeze in winter.
I would like to order a product but there is no price, how can I do?
To order a product without price you can contact our Customer Service to have a detailed offer of the product and then confirm the order.
Purchases made with credit card on Tecam website are safe?
Tecam have integrated in its own e-commerce platform payment with credit card managed by PayPal which guarantee the greatest safety and confidentiality in transactions and purchasing on web.
I don’t have a PayPal account, can I purchase anyway?
Of course, you can use whatever credit card, our e-commerce system is already suitable.
Which is the cost for shipment of the goods?
If the price of the item is shown, it already includes shipping cost.
In which foreign countries is shipping free ?
Shipping is free in: 
I ordered a wrong item, how can I amend my order?
Don’t worry! You have 24 hours to communicate us the different item required, amend quantity, contact our Customer Service and we will find a solution.
At the end of the order will I receive an email resuming what I purchased?
Yes. After you have confirmed your order, we will send you a recap email containing your details, purchased items details and kind of payment.
What is the difference between the body warmers and the body warmers, how can I choose?
Well, I will try to articulate the answer in a clear and useful way. Both the drum warmer band and the keg warmer shirt serve the same purpose: to heat the material contained in the stem; at this point, if my stem is made of plastic (which bears a temperature limit of 90 ºC) I will opt for a keg warmer shirt with 0/90 ºC thermostat, in order not to risk melting the stem together with the product; if instead my stem is made of steel, I can use the silicone heating strips (with thermostat 0/130 C) and decide to put only one on the stem (in the lower part of the stem) or two or three bands on the same stem, to heat faster and more evenly.
The heating tanks instead (with thermostat 0/90 someone C) can be used indifferently on plastic drums that steel, being insulated have a lower installed power and therefore have a lower power consumption, and being as high as the whole trunk heat evenly over the entire surface.
If the product does not undergo any changes as the temperature increases, and if you want to reduce the fluidization time, you can opt for a more powerful jacket with 0/220 ºC thermostat.
How can I reduce the heating time of a keg warmer shirt?
It can add a base heater (with thermostat 0/130 somebody C), which by heating from below will create a pot effect, helping to eliminate the hard hoof that sometimes remains on the bottom of the stem, making it fluid and easy to decant.
Can I order a bespoke heating jacket suitable for our mixer?
Yes, you can, please contact us and we will find a bespoke solution.
My product is very dense and has high specific heat, what do you suggest to buy?
If your production system is suitable, we suggest a forced ventilation heating cabinet or, if you need to heat only one drums, we suggest and heating jacket with 2300W and digital thermoregulator 0/150°C together with a drum heater base. If the product damages beyond high temperatures, to avoid that a possible distract operator sets the full scale thermostat 150°C, we suggest an heating jacket with 1200W and thermostat 0/90°C again together with drum heater base.
If I buy a drum heater band for 200 Lt drum, can I use it on a 100 Lt. drum?
No, every kind of drum has its specific drum heater
I bought some self-regulating heating cable and relevant kit for connection, before placing the cap, should I have to short-circuit conductors?
Absolutely no, please follow instruction sheet enclosed with the goods, it’s only needed to place the cap and, if it is heat-shrink type with glue inside, you need to heat it to let it fit well with the heating cable sheat to make it waterproof.
I bought a self-regulating heating cable 20m long, can I cut it in two pieces of 10m each?
Yes, safely, if you need further kits for connection you can contact our Customer Service.
I have to use an heating cable in a laboratory on a quartz pipe Ø 10mm at temperature 200°C, can I have a list and datasheet which allow me to choose the most suitable item?
Of course, if you have not found the item you are looking for, you can contact our Customer Service to have more information and datasheet.
I need to trace electrically a plant for to mantain at temperature a product, can you size it for me?
Yes of course, please download our heating cable form, fill and send it to our Customer service and we will design a customized heating system, with price.
After installation heating cable need to be insulated?
Yes, otherwise there will be heat loss and heating system could be less efficient, even more so if it is a laboratory cable for high temperature, which could also cause burns.
Into self-regulating heating cable I read “max exposure temperature 85°C”. What does it mean?
It’s max continuous temperature that heating cable power off can bear , that means, for example: if I buy the heating cable to keep in temperature a pipe and once a month I clean the pipe with steam at 120°C, I will consider it, to avoid to damage the heating cable and I will choose an heating cable which can bear a max temperature higher than 120°C. In this case the heating cable with “max exposure temperature 85°C” is not suitable and I will go forward to heating cable for high temperature.
I have a masonry room 5m x 5m x h 4m and I would heat up to 40°C, can you size and quota n. 2 electric fan heaters?
Yes, of course, you can contact us without hesitation and we will find together the best suitable solutions meeting your needs and, if necessary, we will design customized electric fan heater with suitable power.
I want to buy an immersion heater, can I fit it directly inside a vessel to heat the product?
If description of the heater says “protection IP68” it means that electric connection with supply cable are resin coated, so they are watertight and it is possible to fit it directly inside a container in direct touch with liquid.
Regarding temperature control, if not detailed in description, thermostat or thermoregulator + probe will be on your charge to complete the heating system.
I need some flexible heaters customized with our drawing, is it possible?
Yes it’s possible, we can project together a mould to produce flexible heaters following your specific technical drawing; also making considerations about some others features (power, supply, holes, adhesive, etc.). You can contact our Customer Service to study a solution together.